Sunnic Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Sunnic Technology and Merchandise Inc. and its affiliated subsidiaries are collectively called Sunnic hereafter. Sunnic is committed to protecting the privacy rights of every viewer visiting our website. Therefore, all members of Sunnic worked together to formulate this privacy policy. This statement discloses how we utilize your information online, so please take some time to read through our privacy statement. For questions, please contact us.

Use of your personal information:
Sunnic holds your personal information in strict confidence; therefore, we do not disclose your personal information to any unrelated third parties, and all Sunnic affiliated subsidiaries are committed to sharing your personal information under strict adherence to this privacy policy. Your personal information supplied over this website will only be used for administration of this website. Sunnic will keep your information in the system and store a backup copy of it in the database of this website. We use your personal information only for the following purposes, with exception to requests forwarded by law enforcement agencies for collaboration in legal investigations.

◎We may use your personal information to assist us in the process of development and improvement of our products, customer services, and/or website content.
◎We may use your personal information to deliver important messages from time to time, including product news or notifications for amendments to certain terms and conditions or policies.
◎We may collect your information for internal use, e.g. market information analysis and studies, to improve Sunnic products, services, and communication with our customers.

Use of online information:
You may download information from the Sunnic website for use within a reasonable scope and without commercial purpose. However, please observe the following terms and conditions. Any use of the information downloaded from the Sunnic website must comply with the following terms and conditions. Please do not use the information provided on the Sunnic website if you do not agree to the following terms and conditions

Use of Cookies:
A cookie is a communication technology bridging the website service and the browser and may store certain information in the viewer’s computer system. Such information is often written onto the hard-disk through the browser. To protect the users of this website, we have not written a Cookie function into our program; therefore, users can choose to cancel or restrict the Cookie function through browser setup.

are still protected within the scope of Sunnic’s reserved rights and obligations. Unauthorized use of Sunnic’s logos is strictly prohibited. Please obtain written authorization from Sunnic before using any of Sunnic’s logos and trademarks and be sure to clearly state the source of information. For detailed information or permission to use Sunnic’s product images, logos, and marks, please contact Sunnic.

Scope applicable Policy:
Sunnic's privacy policy is applicable to Sunnic’s websites in all available languages.
All collection and use of information by Sunnic shall be conducted in compliance with the terms and conditions set forth in this privacy policy. Sunnic reserves the right to make amendments at anytime. Amendments to this privacy policy will be publically announced on this website and will take effect immediately. Sunnic has implemented strict measures internally and is fully committed to protecting the safety of your personal information.

If you have any questions or inquiries regarding Sunnic’s website privacy policy, please feel free to contact Sunnic. The best way is through email.

Last updated on January 9th, 2012.