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Introducing the SONY Mobile 48M Sensor 2019-03-08

The most important feature in the new generation of 48CM CMOS sensors from SONY is support for a resolution of 8,000 x 6,000 pixels for taking 48 MP photos, making it the CMOS image sensor with the highest pixel-count in the industry. Smart phones can now capture images approaching high-end SLR cameras in detail. The 48 MP super-high resolution was made possible by the tiny 0.5” form-factor and SONY’s innovative 0.8 um pixel size.  

Quad Bayer color filter array technology was also adopted so that the neighboring 2x2 pixels all show the same color to provide the image sensor with high sensitivity and resolution. The technology is mainly used for taking photos at night or in dark locations. The boost to the signal captured by neighboring pixels improve the pixel performance of the image sensor to 1.6 um levels. The synthetic pixels allow the camera lens to capture bright, low-noise photos and videos.

A comparison of a standard sensor for taking 12 MP photos (left) and SONY’s 48MP
synthetic image (right) shows that the latter captures far more object details.

For more information or a sample, please contact our sales representative.  
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