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SHARP Offers Sensor Product for Smart Detection 2019-01-09

AI technology has become the latest global phenomenon. Mobile phones, AI and Internet-of-Things (IoT) are now coming together to shape the future and is defining the framework for future technological developments. Here smart sensors have an important role to play as they serve as the eyes, nose, fingers and toes of this new framework. Sensor products are therefore not becoming increasingly sidelined but are instead continuing to evolve. Ultimately, they will be integrated with terminal devices within the framework and provide smart functions that will continue to change how people live. 

For a smart device, sensors are critical because they change the relationship between the mobile phone, human and the environment. When AI functionality is added, mobile phones can use deep-learning to fine-tune its conclusions and make every sensor judgment more accurate each time, making even more applications possible.

Below is an introduction of the various different sensors available from SHARP.

The SHARP Photointerrupter sensor is mainly used on photocopiers right now. The industry believes that it can be applied to other mobile devices in the future with robots and environmental sensing holding the most potential. Robots replacing humans has been a hot topic in recent years. The success of robots will depend on their ability to respond to the environment. Ensuring their safe and reliable operation is essential for automation as well. The DMS Sensor (distance measurement sensor) from SHARP was born out of this need and will play an important role.

In terms of environmental sensors, the most important issues in this application are environmental pollution and environmental accessibility. The success of environmental sensors depends on sensors that can react to the environment. The environmental sensors available from SHARP now include the DMS sensor for measuring distance and the Dust (PM2.5) sensor for measuring dust and powder. 

Placing these sensors into terminal devices and combining them with AI technology is designed to achieve one goal: early warning of danger and immediate response.

The development of smart phone technology threatened to stagnate in recent years due to the lack of differentiation between vendors. The incorporation of AI and IoT technologies however seem to have made the future come alive again. The use of smart sensors will be the linchpin between AI and IoT devices. It will also provide a connection to smart living of the future.

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