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SONY Releases 4K High-Sensitivyt Monochorome Back-lit CMOS sensor 2019-01-10

The new IMX334LLR (Type 1/1.8) 4K monochrome back-list CMOS sensor has 8.42M effective pixels.

Based SONY STARVIS technology, a pixel size of 2.0um improves sensitivity in low-light conditions. The sensor supports 2.9v/1.2v/1.8v voltage modes. It also boasts of high sensitivity and low dark current making it suitable for industrial inspection and surveillance applications.

Image Output
IMX334LLR can output all 8.42M pixels and reach 60fps with ADC 12bit. 

WDR output format
Two WDR output formats are included in the IMX334LLR to provide users with more options. One is the Multiple exposure while the other is the Digital overlap (DOL).

Note: DOL-WDR means that the sensor can output different images at 3 fps for signal processing by ISP. In low-light environments, DOL-WDR offers better image quality than conventional WDR.

Output format
The IMX334LLR output interface supports MIPI CSI-2 (4 Lane/8 Lane, RAW 10 /RAW 12 output)

Specifications :



Output image size

Diagonal 8.86 mm (Tyep 1/1.8)

Number of effective pixels              

3864 (H) × 2180 (V)approx. 8.42M pixel

Unit cell size

2.0 µm (H) × 2.0 µm (V)

Optical blacks                  


Front: 0 pixels, rear: 0 pixels


Front: 13 pixels, rear: 0 pixels

Input drive frequency

6 to 27MHz / 37.125MHz / 74.25 MHz

Output Interface

MIPI CSI-2 (4 Lane / 8 Lane, RAW 10 / RAW 12 output)                                


128-pin LGA

Supply voltage VDD (Typ.)

2.9 V / 1.8 V / 1.2 V


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