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Corporate Culture

Sunnic targets construction of a sound distribution line for semiconductors, electronic parts and components, and optical products and develops total solutions with value-added technical services. We launched development projects for surveillance and multimedia products in four major areas, image capture, display, storage and communication. With clear strategies and guided by the principle of technical marketing and the smile curve, we aim to provide the best total solutions and one-stop shopping services to the electronic industry worldwide.
The new millennium will see the arrival of a low-profit era in the semiconductor distribution industry and the trend of integrating information technology into consumer electronics, as well as rapid migration of the manufacture industry and China becoming the both the world’s factory and market. Under the principle of “Based in Taiwan; rooted in the Asia-Pacific; and expanding into the world”, Sunnic has developed a solid foundation in Taiwan, expanded the number of its personnel, and reformed its organization to create a framework for cross-strait operations. This cross-strait framework is expected to expand Sunnic’s marketing channels to cover the Greater China area and bring Sunnic into the heart of Asia.
From the very beginning, Sunnic has set “honesty” as the highest moral principle in management. This principle guides us to implement reasonable management, pursue stable performance and growth, and create profits. Under this principle, we continuously pursue excellence and create higher brand values and market share, with the aims of contributing to society and extending the effect of positive influences. Sunnic remains economically healthy by developing leading technologies, mastering core competencies, and extending its core values. With quality services, we set out to lead the Group to sustainable growth and development with strong ambition.