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Honors and Recognition

Technical Certification:
Technical Service Organization Service Capacity Registry, Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs
Categories Technical Capacity Registry Items Sign In Date Effective Date
RD2 R & D Technical Services Commercialization or mass production design 2013/12/01 2015/12/01
AU4 Automation system integration planning technical services Connection and integration of computer network systems and hardware equipment 2015/01/01


AU5 Business service automation technical services Automated sales system (including automated product selection and matching) 

Terminal Services Automation Equipment (e.g. POS Network, etc.) Logistics Automation System (automatic handling and sorting operations)


AU6 Smart Living automation technical services Smart living automation system planning, integration and implementation of security surveillance automation system information communication and sensing technology.  2015/01/01


AU7 Health care automation technical service Automation systems of health care planning, health care software information service (including expert system, etc.)

Automated physiological measurement and analysis system

Distance and home care monitoring and data transmission



Honored by SONY Semiconductor 2012 SONY Excellent Logistics Center
Among the global distributors and retailers, Sunnic stood out from other nominees in the strict reviews in every stage and became one of the four companies selected for the honor of the “2012 SONY Excellent Logistics Center” certification.

The quality recognition and evaluation standards of 2012 SONY Excellent Logistics Center Certification are as follows:
Contribution: Contribution to quality control of SONY semiconductor products
Performance: No major incidents in the past three years after being certified as a qualified logistics center”
Competence: Professional technology and knowledge to the key operations (e.g. unpacking operations).