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Sunnic Past and Present

1985-1990 The company was founded and moved; a branch was also set up.
1991-1995 The Company and branch were moved.
1996-2000 The Company moved to Neihu.
2001-2005 The company began to expand overseas, set up Sunnic Shenzhen Office, invested and set up Sunnic Technology (Samoa) Co., Ltd.
2006-2010 Reinforce sales points in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Xiamen
2011-2015 Continuous expansion of marketing channels from China to South-east Asia.
1985-1990 Obtained distributorship from Sony.
1991-1995 Increased product line distributorships.
1996-2000 Increased optical products distributorships.
2001-2005 Obtained distributorship from SHARP and SUNPLUS, developed and began supply of total solutions and one-stop shopping services.
2006-2010 Provided total solutions and module products and expanded the scope of products.
2011-2015 Develop/begin marketing of VOD system and real-time image information systems, including smart homes, public broadcast, medical, and manufacture applications.
1985-1990 Expanded personnel from three to more than twenty.
1991-1995 Expanded personnel and company organization.
1996-2000 Company developed into a healthy and well-integrated organization; personnel increased to 60.
2001-2005 Merged with Putnam Company to expand its product lines; personnel grew to over 100 employees. Sunnic Shenzhen Office was set up. Invested and founded Sunnic Technology Co. LTD (Samoa) and Sunnic Technology & Merchandise (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
2006-2010 Responsibility center and the headquarters established the organizational structure and set up subsidiary structure and division plan.
2011-2015 Reposition the subsidiary division, authorization, and core values.
1985-1990 Rapid growth in turnover.
1991-1995 Annual turnover of over one billion dollars.
1996-2000 Expanded product lines, created NT$ 2.5 billion in annual turnover.
2001-2005 Effective merger brought an increased annual turnover of NT$ 3.2 billion.
2006-2010 Overseas contribution and technical marketing expanded the annual turnover to NT$ 6 billion.
2011-2015 Effective management and maximized performance overseas leads to steady growth in turnover towards the goal of NT$ 10 billion.
Industrial Transformation
1985-1990 Rise of information products replaced declining consumer electronics.
1991-1995 Information electronics products became the mainstream in the rapidly transforming industry. 
1996-2000 Consumer electronics industries began to move to China and other countries.
2001-2005 Active development of network communication expanded  economic scale, ushering in an era of low profits for the distribution industry.
2006-2010 China became the world’s factory. Factories in Taiwan began to migrate.
China transforms itself from the world factory’s to the world’s market and creates new opportunities through products and technologies.
Management Strategies
1985-1990 The value of a distributor’s services is to fulfill customers’ needs and create value.
1991-1995 Under increasingly diversified products and technology development, other than sales activities, enhanced technologies increase the value of services.
1996-2000 Established logistics center and localized cash flow and logistics services to shorten delivery time in response to the customers’ demands for speedy services.
2001-2005 Changed the company’s English name to Sunnic and set the company’s management model based on the smile curve, aiming to provide customers complete solutions and one-stop shopping service. The company also completed the public offering process for trading in the emerging stock market.
2006-2010 Sunnic set “sounds and images” as the core concepts for its technical marketing and created the brand “OGA”. The name “OGA” is derived from the initials letters of “Oto”, the Japanese word for sound, “Gazo”, the Japanese world for video, and “Alliance”. Sunnic also completed the public offering process for trading in the emerging stock market. 
2011-2015 The Company continuously develops based on the concepts of technique marketing and provides a complete supply chain to the industry.
Technical Strategies
1985-1990 Companies centered on distribution channel sales are unable to respond to the development of technology and services.
1991-1995 Under the mode of distribution channel sales, technology development is rather difficult and this bottleneck will impede growth of the company. 
1996-2000 Sunnic began development of basic technical support and small-scale support teams.
2001-2005 The Company launched development of four major technology areas: capture, display, storage, and communication and began the development of camera and multimedia solutions and products.
2006-2010 Integrated parts and components and system technologies, and began to offer solutions and module products through the “OGA” brand.
2011-2015 Expand one-stop shopping services under the supply chain model and maximize the efficiency of the technical marketing environment. System is integrated with technologies and OGA products, which are introduced into the real-time video communication systems for homes, public broadcasting, medical industry, and manufacture industry. Sunnic uses cloud technologies to complete system product development and application,  in response to the development of green technology and the trend of energy saving/ carbon reduction.