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R & D Goals


Four Major Developing Axes:
With semiconductor products distribution as the center, image processing as the core technology, and
input/output, storage and transmission as the platform, Sunnic is dedicated to the development of
innovative applications and integrated R&D. Sunnic offers various product combinations custom-designed
based on the different properties and applications of the components, assists customers to conduct
product planning, and provides technical support to shorten the time for initiation of products and R&D.
Market-Oriented Technical Models:
Sunnic continuously invests in innovative R&D by integrating users' demand for convenient living, market
trends and development of our customers with the Company’s development strategies and goals. Product
development is centered on digital surveillance and multimedia, targeting to develop various functional products.
Upstream and Downstream Technology Integration:
Centered on the customers and supplemented by the suppliers, Sunnic sets its goal to achieve maximum
cost effectiveness by using standardized R&D procedures to enhance operating speed and efficiency. In
continuous innovative process design, Sunnic integrates sales, production and technology into successful
products developed under the most stringent testing standards to provide our customers new and improved
Successful Transformation with Value-Added Technology:
Under the challenge and pressure from industrial upgrade, Sunnic introduced the technical-service oriented
model into its management system. This new model transforms Sunnic from a single-product supplier into
an R&D, application service, and total solution provider. This transformation differentiates the company from
others in the market, enhances the Company's relationships with customers, and creates higher added value.