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Company Info

Since its founding in 1985,
Sunnic has been dedicated to becoming a key service provider for the“complete electronics industry supply chain”.

Over the years, under the support of our customers, Sunnic has developed into a professional technical marketing company, representing world-renowned companies such as Sony and Sharp on a long-term basis. Sunnic represents major manufacturers worldwide with a comprehensive lineup of products, ranging from as small as semiconductors, total solutions and modules, and systems to as large as factory automation equipment. We offer our customers and industries horizontally/vertically integrated services and products for the full supply chain with high versatility and diversity.

Under the policy of “professional, integration, service, and identity”, we believe that customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of our business operation. Sustainable development will never be possible if the quality of our services does not satisfy our customers. We believe that the most complete and widely recognized quality standards in the industry are the ISO systems. Thus, Sunnic set out to meet the standards and became certified for ISO 9002 in 1997. In 1999, Sunnic was once again certified for ISO 9001. We strive to provide our customers with better, professional, and quality services.

Sunnic focused its core technological development on "image processing" and set up a technology development platform targeting optoelectronic products.
In the highly competitive semiconductor and electronic components market, “minimal profit” has always been a lingering curse plaguing distributors in the market. We set out to avoid vicious price competition and made efforts to break through the simple buy-and-sell model practiced by traditional distributors for years. Led by technology development, Sunnic established a core value by creating a distribution/marketing platform to differentiate it from other low-profit models. We call it “technological marketing”. “Technological marketing” provides a complete view of the market. The horizontal axis reinforces and secures supply of the various key components, and the vertical axis continuously deepens and broadens the development of technologies.

Sunnic sets its core technological development on “image processing” and develops its technological platform on top of the optoelectronic products. Our product research and development covers a wide range of products and applications, from CCD and CMOS analog/digital HD smart cameras for image capture, blue-ray, H.264 IP Set Top Box and IP Smart TV Box for image storage, HD smart displays and internet TV for image display to Wi-Fi, RF and 3GPP for video conferencing and image transmission. In pursuit of image processing excellence, we developed various product solutions and applications to achieve commercialization. We offer our customers total solutions for exterior, mechanism, software, hardware, and firmware designs, as well as one-stop shopping services.

Marketing, under value-added technical services, generates revenues from products sales and creates proliferating and multiplied effects to overall business operation. In response to the booming electronics industries in the Greater China area and Southeast Asia, we have set up technical and marketing offices in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Kunshan, Xiamen and Singapore and expect to set up more points in other areas of the world for expanded marketing and business. In our development plans and mid-/long-term goals, we will continue to offer the best services to the electronic products supply chain, as well as pursuing higher development and maintaining our leadership in the industry on top of the foundation we have built today. It is Sunnic’s continuous work to develop innovative products and market, and our pledge to provide our customers diverse products and quality services.